The Solution

Vello enables talent to engage with their fans in a safe and authentic way, creating genuine connections every day, everywhere.


Influencers on Vello can be an ambassador for their own brand.

Whilst other social media may provide a platform for influencers to communicate with vast audiences, a public or private post cannot be directly monetized in those settings in the way that Vello offers.

Influencers or organizations can also have the content on their profile branded and paid for by their sponsors OR alternatively can choose to send all their proceeds to charity.


The platform helps create genuine social interactions using Vello’s 1on1 video messaging capabilities that will both monetize and solve the systemic behaviour of social media abuse.

Vello has created a safe environment not yet seen on social media. There is no trolling, no online bullying, no anti-social behaviour allowed by fans because there is no texting, no commenting or direct messaging.

Influencers have the ability to report inappropriate content, skip or refund a question if they aren’t comfortable answering. Offenders will be blocked for life. These safety measures encourage engagement and monetization.