Leadership Team


Ben Dixon
CEO & Co-founder

Ben Dixon brings over 25 years of experience in the sports and entertainment industry to the business. Ben was a professional athlete in Australia for 13 years and post career, Ben has been part of the broadcast partner the Foxtel group as a host and commentator for the last 15 years.

Ben as a CEO of Vello is a prudent manager and an inspiring leader. He has a great business mindset and is able to see the “big picture” in a variety of settings. He has been instrumental in taking actions to enhance the company’s cash flow while keeping the human factor in perspective. His goal for Vello is to drive the company’s development and guide it towards long-term success.


Owen Boland
COO & Co-founder

Web design & marketing expert with a Bachelor of Computing & Information Technology.  Boland has 20 years experience working in various industries delivering exceptional web experiences and marketing campaigns.

Boland is responsible for product development and roll out and has led the engineering and IT development process from seed idea through to testing and deployment.


Gary Smith

As a proven operational leader Gary has successfully created purpose driven cultures in business and departments across the UK, China, Australia and the USA. Candid in his approach he encourages ideas from all sectors analyzing and rewarding these to give the business, its people and customer’s fast actions and people engagement.